LAIR3-BDK layer 3 Blockchain Deployment Kit


LAIR3-BDK zkEVM Overview

LAIR3-BDK is a comprehensive Layer 3 blockchain development kit designed to facilitate the deployment and configuration of zkEVM Rollup and Validium solutions. This toolkit leverages the capabilities of the Kurtosis SDK to automate the setup and management of blockchain environments, making it easier for developers to deploy and interact with scalable Ethereum-compatible networks.

zkEVM Rollup and Validium are advanced scaling solutions that enable high-throughput and low-cost transactions on Ethereum. The Rollup method processes transactions off-chain and posts compressed data back to the Ethereum mainnet, while Validium stores data off-chain to achieve even greater scalability.

The Kurtosis SDK simplifies the deployment process by providing tools for orchestrating and managing complex environments. It integrates seamlessly with zkEVM, allowing for automated deployment and monitoring of blockchain networks.

Key Capabilities

  • zkEVM Rollup and Validium: Supports deployment of zkEVM Rollup and Validium solutions for enhanced scalability.
  • Kurtosis Integration: Utilizes Kurtosis for streamlined deployment, configuration, and observability.
  • Smart Contract Development: Facilitates the development and integration of smart contracts using Solidity.
  • Cross-Chain Bridging: Enhances cross-chain token interactions and multi-chain deployments.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Provides detailed Markdown documentation for setup and configuration.

Setting Up LAIR3-BDK

Environment Setup

Clone the LAIR3-BDK Repository:

git clone

Install Dependencies:
Ensure Docker and other necessary tools are installed. Use the provided script to check and install required tools:

sh scripts/

Start the Kurtosis Enclave:

kurtosis clean --all
kurtosis run --enclave cdk-v1 --args-file params.yml --image-download always .

Configure Parameters:
Update the params.yml file to set the necessary configurations for zkEVM Rollup or Validium

deploy_zkevm_permissionless_node: true
deploy_observability: true

Deploy the Stack:

kurtosis run --enclave cdk-v1 --args-file params.yml --image-download always .

Develop Smart Contracts:
Use Solidity to develop smart contracts tailored for zkEVM solutions.

Deploy Contracts:
Use Foundry and Kurtosis to deploy and test contracts:

cast send --legacy --mnemonic 'code code code code code code code code code code code quality' --value 0 --gas-price 0 --rpc-url $ETH_RPC_URL 0x0bb7AA0b4FdC2D2862c088424260e99ed6299148

Integrate Web3:
Incorporate Web3 using Node.js for blockchain interactions:

const Web3 = require('web3');
const web3 = new Web3($ETH_RPC_URL);

Send Test Transactions:
Verify deployment by sending zero-value transactions:

cast send --legacy --mnemonic 'code code code code code code code code code code code quality' --value 0 --gas-price 0 --rpc-url $ETH_RPC_URL 0x0bb7AA0b4FdC2D2862c088424260e99ed6299148

View Monitoring Dashboards:
Access Grafana and Prometheus dashboards for observability:

kurtosis enclave inspect cdk-v1

The LAIR3-BDK Layer 3 blockchain development kit offers a robust solution for deploying and managing zkEVM Rollup and Validium networks. By integrating with Kurtosis SDK and providing detailed documentation, it simplifies the complexities of blockchain development and deployment.

The LAIR3-BDK layer 3 Blockchain Deployment Kit is an extrapolation of the Polygon-SDK and Kurtosis-CDK to faciliate the deployment of custom zkEVM blockchains using THRUST NETWORK TECHNOLOGY

LIAR3-BDK GPT4 agent

LAIR3-BDK github

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