The number 2^256 is considered a large number. It represents the total number of possible unique private keys for an EVM address

The following is a demonstration of the security provided by this large key space.

Here is 2^256 expressed as a whole number:


This is a 78-digit number. To put this in perspective, it’s approximately:

115 quattuorvigintillion (using the long scale system)


  • Exponentiation: 2^256 means multiplying 2 by itself 256 times.
  • Scale: This number is so large that it vastly exceeds the number of atoms in the observable universe, which is estimated to be between 10^78 and 10^82.

Practical Implications

  1. Security: The sheer size of this number provides difficult to crack security for private keys in cryptographic systems like Ethereum and crypto wallets. The probability of randomly guessing a specific private key is difficult enough for hot wallet transactions. Secondary security measures should be used for long term storage of considerable assets.
  2. Unique Addresses: This large key space ensures that every generated address is unique and collision-resistant, which is crucial for the security and integrity of blockchain systems.


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