Introduction to LAIR3-BDK

The LAIR3-BDK (Layer 3 Blockchain Development Kit) is an advanced toolkit designed to facilitate the deployment and configuration of zkEVM (Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine) Rollup and Validium solutions. Integrating with the kurtosis-sdk, the LAIR3-BDK enables developers to efficiently deploy blockchain solutions tailored to high scalability and privacy needs.

Capabilities of LAIR3-BDK

  • zkEVM Rollup Support: Facilitates rollup technology to combine multiple transactions into a single batch, reducing gas fees and increasing throughput.
  • Validium Solutions: Provides Validium support, which keeps transaction data off-chain, significantly reducing the on-chain storage requirements and improving scalability.
  • Kurtosis-SDK Integration: Simplifies the deployment and testing of blockchain networks using the kurtosis-sdk, enabling comprehensive network observability and management.
  • Deployment as a Solution: Ensures streamlined deployment of custom blockchain solutions, offering AI-ready, decentralized knowledge delivery for the knowledge economy.

LAIR3-BDK Commands Overview

The LAIR3-BDK comes with a set of commands to manage various aspects of blockchain deployment and management. Here’s a brief overview:

Kurtosis Enclave Management

    kurtosis run --enclave cdk-v1 --args-file params.yml --image-download always .
    kurtosis enclave inspect cdk-v1
    kurtosis clean --all
    # Add Permissionless Node:
    yq -Y --in-place 'with_entries(if .key == "deploy_zkevm_permissionless_node" then .value = true elif .value | type == "boolean" then .value = false else . end)' params.yml
    kurtosis run --enclave cdk-v1 --args-file params.yml --image-download always .
    # Check Port Mapping:
    kurtosis port print cdk-v1 zkevm-node-rpc-001 http-rpc
    # Deploy Contracts:
    yq -Y --in-place '.deploy_zkevm_contracts_on_l1 = true' params.yml
    kurtosis run --enclave cdk-v1 --args-file params.yml --image-download always .
    # Send Transactions:
    cast send --legacy --private-key 0x12d7de8621a77640c9241b2595ba78ce443d05e94090365ab3bb5e19df82c625 --value 0.01ether 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    # Check Balances:
    cast balance --ether 0xE34aaF64b29273B7D567FCFc40544c014EEe9970
    # Deploy Observability Stack:
    yq -Y --in-place '.deploy_observability = true' params.yml
    kurtosis run --enclave cdk-v1 --args-file params.yml .
    # View Dashboards: Access Grafana and Prometheus dashboards
    open $(kurtosis port print cdk-v1 grafana-001 dashboards)
    # Service Logs: Retrieve logs from specific services
    kurtosis service logs cdk-v1 zkevm-agglayer-001
    # Service Shell: Open a shell in a specific service container
    kurtosis service shell cdk-v1 zkevm-node-sequencer-001
    These commands enable efficient management and observability of the blockchain stack, ensuring robust deployment and maintenance of zkEVM and Validium solutions.
    For more detailed instructions on using LAIR3-BDK, refer to the comprehensive documentation available in the respective Markdown files and the main github

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