Proposal for THRUST TNT: Implementing a Two-Tier Validator System

In the evolving landscape of the THRUST TNT blockchain, ensuring scalability, inclusivity, and efficient validation is paramount. This proposal introduces a two-tier validator system designed to enhance network performance and accessibility. The system will comprise main validators, responsible for maintaining the full blockchain history and core consensus activities, and lite validators, which operate on a pruned version of the blockchain to offer additional validation support.

The primary objective is to create a more scalable and resource-efficient validation mechanism within THRUST TNT, allowing for broader participation in network validation, especially from devices with limited resources, such as smartphones.

Tier 1: Main Validators
Role: Main validators will hold the complete blockchain history and take the lead in block production and consensus.
Configuration: These nodes will be configured for maximum performance, with no pruning applied to their blockchain data storage.
Tier 2: Lite Validators
Role: Lite validators will validate transactions and blocks using a pruned version of the blockchain, focusing on recent data to ensure current network integrity.
Pruning Configuration: Lite validators will employ an aggressive pruning strategy to maintain only a minimal subset of the blockchain data, essential for participating in recent validations.
Lite Validators’ Influence on Consensus
Weighted Influence: Lite validators will contribute to the network’s consensus mechanism, but with a weighted influence that reflects their pruned view of the blockchain. Main validators will retain primary control over consensus decisions.
Consensus Thresholds: The consensus algorithm will be adjusted to ensure that a significant majority of main validators are required for finalizing consensus decisions, with lite validators serving to augment and validate the process.
Implementation Strategy
Technical Adjustments
Consensus Algorithm Modification: Modify the consensus algorithm to recognize and incorporate the tiered validator structure, ensuring stability and security.
Pruning Mechanism: Implement and optimize a pruning mechanism tailored for lite validators, enabling them to efficiently manage blockchain data.
Network Configuration
Validator Setup: Provide clear guidelines and tools for setting up both main and lite validators, ensuring ease of configuration and deployment.
Incentive Structure: Design an incentive model that fairly compensates both main and lite validators for their contributions to the network.
Security and Performance
Verification Mechanisms: Establish robust mechanisms for main validators to verify the contributions of lite validators, maintaining network integrity.
Performance Monitoring: Continuously monitor network performance to assess the impact of the two-tier system and make necessary adjustments.
Deployment Plan
Pilot Phase: Initiate a pilot phase with a select group of lite validators to evaluate the system’s performance and impact on the network.
Community Engagement: Engage with the THRUST TNT community to encourage participation as lite validators and gather feedback.
Full Deployment: Gradually scale the number of lite validators based on pilot results and community feedback, ensuring a smooth transition to the two-tier system.
The proposed two-tier validator system for THRUST TNT aims to enhance network scalability and efficiency while enabling broader participation in the validation process. By carefully balancing the roles and influences of main and lite validators, THRUST TNT can achieve a more inclusive, resilient, and high-performing blockchain ecosystem.

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